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The ProClass solution by Progressive Group serves a variety of organizations including education, healthcare, and government. ProClass includes collaborative, innovative audio, video, interactive, security and network operations tools to assist learners in all markets. We offer a complete suite of tools originally designed to meet the ever-changing needs of teachers and students in lower, middle and upper schools but we have evolved to more than meet the expectations of learners in any organization.

The team behind ProClass includes engineers, developers, and educators with decades of experience. We have designed the ProClass solution to be open, scalable, customizable, and affordable for any application. More than that, though, ProClass is built with a focus on improving the learning environment for all learners.

We Are A Proud Progressive Group Company

Our Solutions


Transform the learning culture in your district and school system with 360° videos. This technology provides numerous benefits for teachers, parents, and students by increasing connectivity and collaboration.

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Enhance collaboration, engage learning, and allow for dynamic presenting with the fully-immersive experience of the ProTouch interactive flat panel, featuring 32 points of touch.

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Create an audio rich environment with an intuitive bell and intercom system; engage learners by allowing users to amplify their voices with wireless microphones; ensure safety using features available in the ProAudio microphones, and combine the power of ProAudio with ProVideo to develop instructional materials to change the learning culture for students and teachers.

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Provide safety for all stakeholders in your organization with the ProSafe system. With classroom access to cameras and audio, access control that allows you door level access, customizable client connections or alert notifications, and the ability to integrate and share quickly with local safety officials, you are in control of the safety of your organization.

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Utilize the expertise of our staff to: create customized modern, multifunctional spaces that meet the needs of all learners whether redesigning a library to a learning commons or working with architects from the ground up to truly customize spaces to meet a variety of needs and purposes; create and train learning leader teams within your organization that can meet specific short and long-term needs; and provide individualized training on a wide variety of instructional technology tools and practices.

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Our Services

The Progressive Instructional Technology Team wants you to be able to focus on teaching and learning rather than IT problems. This is why we provide a full service approach. We provide all services in-house which allows organizations to rest easy knowing that every step of the process will be taken care of by the same team, from development, to configuration, to installation, to implementation and training. We provided support for your infrastructure, your devices, and your implementation. We have all of the resources to take care of all of your needs to ensure that you are successful.